Erika G. Bertling
Intercultural Educator & Consultant

I teach on themes such as:

  • racially conscious parenting

  • culturally responsive teaching

  • intercultural awareness, communication & leadership 

  • implicit bias awareness

  • racial identity formation

  • multiracial/multicultural/TCK (third culture kid)  identity formation

About me

Hello!  I'm an experienced intercultural educator and consultant who partners with institutions and individuals to teach, engage, and transform.

I've lived and taught in a wide variety of international settings, with a diverse array of students, situations, formats, levels, and classrooms.  

As a multiracial TCK (third culture kid) with lifelong, in-depth cross-cultural experience in multiple arenas, I approach teaching and learning as an interactive and dynamic process.  

I'm based in Los Angeles, and I love living in a city where it often feels like every corner of the world is represented!

contact me

Email me: 

Text/WhatsApp/Call me: +1.310.621.0697

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Erika's interactive workshops are always packed to capacity, and participants consistently rate all her presentations highly, giving high praise for her approachability, depth of knowledge, and dynamic teaching. Of course we ask Erika back to our conference every year!

Alicia M.
Conference Organizer

What a fantastic presenter! Erika has an amazing energy for this work and I appreciate the level of detail she brought to us!

Erika is able to take complex topics and make them accessible in a way that is engaging and inclusive. We can't wait to work with her again!

Katriana M.
Student Activist

Whether she is teaching a group, mentoring an individual, or in casual conversation, Erika is adept in empowering people to carve their own lifelong journey of cultural awareness and intentional living - leaving participants with memorable tools and sparking lasting intrinsic motivation. 

Joyce W.

Business director

Nick G.