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Erika G. Bertling
Intercultural Educator & Consultant

I teach on themes such as:

  • racially conscious parenting

  • culturally responsive teaching

  • increasing intercultural competencies such as awareness, communication, and leadership 

  • implicit bias awareness

  • racial identity formation including multiracial/multicultural/TCK (third culture kid)  identity formation

  • creating cultures of equity and inclusion

About me

Hello!  My name is Erika (she/her), and I'm an experienced intercultural educator, consultant, and coach who partners with institutions and individuals to teach, engage, and transform.  

I am passionate about the ongoing work of equity and inclusion, and empowering people to do the work of coming to new growth and understandings.

I work with diverse groups on themes such as culturally responsive communication & leadership, racially conscious parenting, racial/multi-racial identity formation, implicit bias awareness, and racial justice.  

I've lived and taught in a wide variety of international settings, with a diverse array of students, situations, formats, levels, and classrooms.  I'm currently based in Los Angeles, and I also enjoy working virtually with clients in multiple countries.  With my lifelong, in-depth cross-cultural experience in multiple arenas, I approach teaching and learning as an interactive and dynamic process.  

contact me


Text/WhatsApp/Signal/Call me: +1.310.621.0697

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Whether she is teaching a group, mentoring an individual, or in casual conversation, Erika is adept in empowering people to carve their own lifelong journey of cultural awareness and intentional living.  She leaves participants with memorable tools and sparks lasting intrinsic motivation. 

Joyce W., Business CEO

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